Once the FEP7 is installed and new new Aurora is published you could face validation errors in the JSP of the store.

I collected few examples and reported a possible way to fix them.




  • WebSphere Commerce v FEP7
  • WebSphere Application Server
  • DB2 9.7

Error 1: Multiple annotations found at this line


The validation error exactly says:

Multiple annotations found at this line:

- Syntax error, insert ";" to complete Statement

- Syntax error on token "-", @ expected

- Syntax error, insert ";" to complete LocalVariableDeclarationStatement 


The issue is reported for different JSPs and the page to fix is actually an included fragment:


In particular at the line 339


the following code:

<%- Image directory name conventions --%>

should be replaced with the following one: 

<%-- Image directory name conventions --%>

Just a simple typo in the comment. 


Error 2: EL Syntax Error

A couple of pages are affected by a trivial "EL Syntax Error":


- mobile30/Snippets/Catalog/CatalogEntryDisplay/ItemAvailability.jsp (line 138)

- mobile30/StoreLocatorArea/InStoreAvailabilityDetails.jsp (line 110)

the following code

<c:set var="inventoryStatus" value="${(empty inventoryAvailability ? 'Unavailable' : inventoryAvailability.inventoryStatus)}" />

should be replaced with the following one: 

<c:set var="inventoryStatus" value="${(empty $${inventoryAvailability} ? 'Unavailable' : inventoryAvailability.inventoryStatus)}" />


Error 3 Missing quotes 

The following pages report a simple missing quotes erorr:

- ShoppingArea/CatalogSection/CatalogEntrySubsection/BundleDisplay.jsp (line 178 - debug value property between double quotes)

- ShoppingArea/CatalogSection/SearchSubsection/SearchResultsDisplay.jsp (line 279 - debug value property between double quotes)


Error 4 Not Formatted HTML

A formatting HTML tag error appears in the following page:

ShoppingArea/CheckoutSection/SingleShipment/OrderItemDetailSummary.jsp (line 573 - close properly the "a" tag) 


Error 5 Comments

An odd validation error is reported for the following page:

Widgets/FacebookConnect/FacebookConnect_Data.jsp (line 15 - remove *)