The performance tuning is one of the most difficult and delicate task for any professional. It could involve virtually any piece of code deployed. It's not even that easy report how a system is performing, most of all because so many variables are involved. However, today I wanted to check the performances of few Store made using WebSphere Commerce; I decided to take as reference the metrics and results provided by:

They should never be considered as the Bible. In fact, they just provide useful advices and a big picture of the performances for a common sense. In many cases, thought, not all the advices can be applied because of the same nature of the platform. However, collecting examples of how few stores perform can tell us more about the possible limit of the platform, in this case WebSphere Commerce.
In addition, although get "optimal" performances is a very personal goal which cannot be defined as any other simple requirement, in the e-commerce slowing down during the loading of a page means loose money and clients.

So, I took a set of 12 stores between big European companies which have adopted WebSphere Commerce Enterprise. Let's see how they performed ...




In average the stores have performed good, according to the collected metrics. One of them got almost the excellence according to GTMetrix, but in general the improvement margins are pretty high. The data reported a remarkable lack of attention for the mobile version; it seems almost paradoxical how much the mobile e-commerce market is growing and how the companies still do not care much about it.

53 points sign the gap between the top performing store and the worst one. It merely shows up what we already know: the quality of the implementation is crucial. We cannot pretend to get the expected ROI just adopting the top e-commerce platform. We have to focus and invest time and resources also on the solution's quality. I dot not mean just minify the HTML or following the practices advised by Google. I better mean get high quality standard about processes and possible solutions implemented during the development phases of the whole project. If you want to know more please feel free to contact the Quality Assurance Team I collaborate with.