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  • JUnit testing JEE WebSphere Commerce customizations
    In this blog entry I will demonstrate how to perform JUnit testing of JEE WebSphere Commerce customizations. JUnit testing of Java Enterprise Edition applications is not as straightforward as testing JSE applications because JEE containers, such as ejb and web...
  • A command based database access framework
    In this blog entry I will demonstrate how to access a database with a custom command based framework supporting typed results, class extension, servlet and object result caching, logging and junit testing - so everything needed for straightforward database...
  • Executing OS commands using the WebSphere Commerce scheduler
    In this blog I describe how to customize the WebSphere Commerce product to execute OS commands using the out of the box job scheduling functionality and output OS command results to the WebSphere logs. The customization was tested with the WebSphere Commerce...
  • Commerce Search REST not working after feature enablement
    I have created this short entry for everyone having issue with getting the Commerce search working immediately after installation + feature enablement. The problem reported in the log is: [9/14/15 5:07:01:345 PDT] 0000000f AbstractBaseR E
  • Managed files are not moving
    Always a pressing issue, when business teams are not able to upload any content when using WebSphere Commerce utility, called Management center, requiring fast problem solving. This document outlines the troubleshooting technique, which may help to determine...