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The WebSphere Commerce Quality Assurance Team

The Quality Assurance Team (QAT) implements a consistent and fully tailored approach for WebSphere Commerce projects assessments.

An increasing demand

WebSphere Commerce has been established as one of the top e-commerce platform on the market. However still many projects fail to get a really fulfilled implementation of the product. So many customers complain about the quality of the solution the platform seems to provide. They could eventually decide to leave the product and adopt a different solution. Did they ever check if the providers were truly shaping the product in order to assure an high quality solution?

There is not a unique strategy to develop a WCS solution but there is a quality standard to get and keep in order
to assure a satisfactory ROI.

Take a breath and assets

Any project should always feel the need to introduce a critical assessment step. Evaluate the overall on-going work, checking the quality of the deliverables produced, review the architectural choices and the project design, assess the infrastructure sizes and the processes developed are just examples of macro activities involved in a quality assurance work.

The deliverables of a QA

  • a report containing a detailed evaluation of any critical aspect identified
  • a report containing a detailed range of possible solutions and recommendations for any eventual identified weakness
  • a possible plan of actions needed to be implemented


Main benefits of a QA

  • achieve better ROI
  • build trust on the platforms and providers
  • get higher level of excellence and quality
  • develop a culture of continuous improvement


The QA team

Our team is composed by professionals with decades of experience in the WebSphere Commerce delivery. The complementary skills of each one of us allow to cover any aspect of a WCS solution.

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